Beginner group course

Do you want to learn kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a relatively easy water sport to learn. Doesn’t matter how old you are, you just need to be fit and be able to swim on the water. And it is one of those sports, that you MUST do a course, for your safety and the from others.

To learn kitesurfing you need to learn how to control your kite and how to manage its power. Its more about technique than strength.

You will learn step by step, starting with the theory, how to set up a kite, safety systems and the basics of kite flying. Once you mastered the control of the kite, we will teach you how to get on the board and make the first meters on it.

Beginner Level: Basic Course I + II

In the beginner basic course, you will learn all necessary to control your kite safely:

✓ Wind theory, equipment set up and safety

✓ Kite control, start and landing, wind window

✓ Relaunch

✓ Bodydrag and power control

✓ Selfrescue

✓ First water start exercises

✓ Ride downwind

Duration Participants
Basic I 8 hours / 2 days 2 – 4
Basic II 12 hours / 3 days 2 – 4

Basic I (8 hours): Recommended for those who already have experience with kites and boardsports

Basic II (12 hours): Recommended for those who wants to start kitesurfing and have no boardsports experience

In case that there is only 1 student, the Basic I course will have a duration of 6 hours and the Basic II course 9 hours

Basic I
8 hours course in 2-3 days (2 - 4 participants)
395,00 €
Basic II
12 hours course in 3-4 days (2 - 4 participants)
520,00 €