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listen to your body

Progress in your sport with a stronger body. Our professionally qualified physiotherapist will work with you to establish an exercise regimine to help you achieve your goal safely that you can work on yourself after you leave.

Physiotherapy - progress with stronger body

If you're feeling a bit tight or uncomfortable in places, let's take a look and see if we can relieve the tension before it becomes a serious problem.

Physyiotherapy - injury prevention

Get back into the game after injury with a rehabilitation plan that is based on examining your body and that you understand the body mechanics behind.

Physyiotherapy- rehabilitation

Just relax and spoil yourself with one of our classical sport massages in private massage room, by our physiotherapist, with view over the beach and ocean.

Massage overlooking the beach

Sport massage (30 or 60 minutes); Full Back, Lower Back / Legs and Gluts, Arms, Upper Back / Head and Face.



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