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We love to play, enjoy the beach and just monkey around while building up strength and stamina with sports performance training for kiters and fitness junkies.

Beach Monkeyz

Playground Yoga (PLAY): a novelty class focusing on mobility, strength and core activation techniques through basic yoga and functional training movements. A choreography on the hot dance floor of yoga!

Beach Monkeyz - playground yoga

Spintonic (SPIN): combines spinning and toning exercises in the form of intervals to achieve the ultimate workout that targets stamina, strength and power. A favorite for cycling and weight-lifting enthusiasts.

Beach Monkeyz - spintonic

Play of the Day (POD): keep your mind and body alert by exploring movement through play using high-intensity interval training techniques focusing on speed, agility, strength, power, balance, flexibility and mobility.

Beach Monkeyz - play of the day

Work on Weaknesses (WOW): customised one-on-one or small group training program that focus on your specific health and fitness needs,

Beach Monkeyz - work on weakness

Hot Iron: A pure weight lifting centralized workout that teaches progressions of basic and advanced weight lifting exercises such as the clean and snatch. Lots of variations are offered, and all exercises are designed following the overload principle - we must apply resistance through positive overload in order for the body to thrive. 

Beach Monkeyz - work on weakness

Learn by Doing: bi-monthly education clinics on various health and fitness topics such as "how to hold a handstand", "how to do a muscle up", "best fat-loss exercises" etc. These clinics are presented by different master trainers and top-level coaches in Gouna and others visiting from all around the world.

Beach Monkeyz - work on weakness

We believe that an Ultimate Beach Monkey:
  1. adores the process of play! Fitness has to be fun.
  2. is committed. Half of the work means showing up to training. Come rain, or come shine - oh wait...we're in Gouna; it's always come shine!
  3. is passionate. Glory is in the details, and passion is the foundation upon which any success is achieved.
  4. is curious. All sorts of human movements must be explored. This is what makes a training program comprehensive.
  5. is a team player. We are a family of Monkeyz who lift each other up.



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