Art Exhibitions at Makani Beach Club´s Living Room

Makani is looking to provide a safe art space for talented unique artists, giving them a space by the beach for a beautiful location and an amazing experience to showcase their art and share it with the world. We’ll be hosting exhibitions every month at the living room, and we’ll be waiting for you!

12. May – Anne Benhamou

Anne Benhamou is an abstract painter, who graduated from Concordia university in Montreal where she lived for 15 years. She became Canadian along the way but she was actually born in Corsica ( France ), a little island on the south East of France . She works mostly with oil paint but recently developed a technique with the use of coffee, tea and inks. She offers tangible support where each human being can reflect their own truth into the painting and get lost inside it the same way you get lost inside inside a maze of thoughts. Through colors and textures her work empowers the place where they are displayed and provide peace of mind to the viewers strongly needed in These hard times .

June – Layla Osman

Fluctuating between them two modes, Architect/Beach bum “Layla” has always had a thing for simple lines and self expression.
Every sketch tells a story, in attempt to harness and tell all that “is”; at one moment in time.

July – Nadeen El Rashidy

Born and raised in Egypt, Nadeen has always considered art to be an essential part of who she is. Nadeen studied Visual Arts in the American University in Cairo, and has taken countless art courses in various universities in Europe, namely the University of the Arts London (UAL) and the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts & Media in Venice, Italy. Nadeen’s approach in art is somewhat like a relationship between two people. There must be trust. Give and take. Trial and error. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. There are no mistakes, no judgment, only experience. Nadeen believes this is important for anything to flourish. She prefers to blur the line between fiction and reality, and so this is evident in her work through her use of vibrant colors, abstract/contemporary style, and the incorporation of modern, real elements, as well as fictional ones. As a result, the final pieces are relatable, yet still open to interpretation, something that is extremely important to Nadeen, as she believes perspective is an art in its own right. Lately Nadeen’s work has been more centered around surrealism, as her inspiration is drawn from dreams and our tendency to neglect what isn’t practical or might seem too fictional to entertain. By shining a light on the details mostly overlooked by the casual onlooker, and the ones we take for granted, Nadeen hopes to bring out the authenticity and beauty that we truly have in the world, in a mystical, magical way that not only inspires a new appreciation for art, but also raises questions and moves us in a way we didn’t know we could be moved.

Nadeen El Rashidy

August – Maria Darwish

Hello there! My name is Maria Darwish. I’m an architect, interior designer, muralist, illustrator & artist based in Cairo, Egypt.
I’m most passionate about painting funky murals. It’s been said that my work is whimsical, colorful and dreamy. I’ve always been in love with colors, fascinated by the life they give to things. My mediums of choice are watercolors and inks, because of their overlaying textures and free nature. My work on this website includes murals, art commissions, art prints, and a few practical products. I hope to keep evolving along my artistic journey; to grow my creative community, my forms of expression and my empathetic senses.

Some of the organizations I’ve worked with are: Al Ismailia Real Estate Development, the Egyptian National Post Museum, Starbucks, Grain Studio, amongst others

September – Shorouk El Tokhy

Shorouk El Tokhy is a fine art graduate “Sculpture department”. She lived in hurghada her whole life, she’s always been inspired by the sea. She works mainly on letting out the deepest emotions and struggles. Jumping from one style and medium to another, exploring its different aspects and feelings.

October – Leila Aguizy

In my work I try to capture the endless struggle of expressing my inner and subconscious confusion, states of vulnerability and anger. It is endless and not tangible and therefore a dilemma which motivates me to try over again and again. The result is colour and shape that come together hinting at images and ideas that I can barely grasp hidden in the shadows of the shapes helping me express a world inside of me.

Past Exhibitions

January – Farida Bustani

Farida El Bustani, 23, searching for every beautiful and dreamy corner in this world that she could find, better yet, that could see her.
She believes that there is no better way for her to express herself than through what she calls her 3rd eye; Her camera.
Farida is always seeking for hidden gems, the unappreciated and the dreamiest parts of her surroundings.
She aspires always to have the power to exchange emotions through her photographs and to be able to create not only a connection but allow you to see her world of imagination.
All she wants in this world is to give you the most fantastic experience, and all she asks is for you to hop on and daydream away with her.
So, have you woken up yet?
Farida Bustani

February – Anja Buchloh

Anja Buchloh was born in Duisburg, Germany, but moved to Hurghada, Egypt, in 2005. She already started drawing and painting at a very young age and continued to explore various painting methods during the years.

Her creative as well as her marketing skills led her to establish a successful design agency, in which she is actively working as executive manager and senior graphic designer.
Her artwork is influenced by sheer emotions; most of her paintings have been created intuitively, letting solely the creative spirit guide her.
Apart from painting abstract, she also is a keen photographer and loves to create upcycling artworks.
Anja Buchloh