refresh group course

Been a while since you’ve been on the water and feeling a little shaky or just want to make sure you are reliably water launching, going up wind and transitioning? We’ll go through all the fundamentals with you and make sure you’re feeling comfortable again. All courses include all the equipment you need, so just bring yourself and get ready to learn kitesurfing.

✓ Equipment set up and safety

✓ Waterstart

✓ Ride downwind

✓ Body position on the board, learning to edge

✓ Learning to turn

✓ Switch riding

Duration Participants
Refresh 4 hours / 1 day 2 – 4

Recommended for those who already did a course and want to continue learning and ride safely.

The minimum level has to be good control of body drag and first meter on the board.

In the case that there is only one student, the refresh course will have a duration of 3 hours.

4 hours course in 2 days (2 - 4 participants)
255,00 €